Ricochet - Xanthe Walter The round up to 4 stars is because I was really intrigued by the concept of a BDSM ruled world where everyone is bisexual & identifies as either a dom or sub....I might choose to change back my rating, who knows. The problem is, I didn't really connect with any of the characters, though Matty with his OCD and counting habit made him endearing at times. Other times, he did slightly annoy me-only because I sometimes couldn't get a real grip on him. He wavered between characterizations as a shy, scared, but eager sub & then an uptight, quick-tempered actor confidentally flinging insults back and forth with Rick. Rick just saw this as him being "fiesty.... I only liked Rick when he was with Matt, but I guess it's a plus that I believe they work as a couple.We know the side characters only on a very superficial level. I was more interested in the world-building and relationship dynamics that make up this world, so would have liked to just see more of that. In the end, I liked this book only because I thought the author had a unique and interesting world, but I just wasn't really invested in the characters. So I'm not sure I would want to read about Daniel and Karl.....I feel this is more of a D/S relationship, very light BDSM that consists mostly of spanking.