Look Sharp - Claire Cray I am starting to love this series! :) The first 3 (they are all short installments) are available for free on Smashwords, and I actually feel a little guilty about that-I would definitely purchase this if the author ever decided to publish this in one or two novels.
I think Jin and Ken have earned a place in my favorite couples to obsess about~though I am so anxious to see Jin crack Ken's shell, I am also really enjoying the slow-burn. This thing with Jackson has got me worried though, because it seems like Jin's feelings are already involved..
A part of me wants to feel sorry for Sky, misunderstood he is...but I was gleefully happy when Jin punched him. I feel like he hasn't even started the much-needed groveling yet for the way he abandoned his brother to undergo such hell, so until he actually starts making sincere amends, I won't spare any real sympathy for him. Despite that, I do still enjoy reading about him x) It's always fascinating to watch really-messed up characters slowly fall off the deep end.
I'm really sad this just came out so recently though, because then this means I have a longer wait until the next story. x( Sigh.
Definitely recommend trying this out! After all, it's free!