Tigerland - Sean Kennedy I gave 3.5 stars for the first book because I got so frustrated with some of the idiotic decisions/immaturity of one of the MCs near the end that ultimately spoiled my enjoyment of the story. Declan and his boneheaded decision to jump to conclusions and run away to cause unnecessary drama in the last 20 pages, plus the fact that he failed to do some much needed groveling

But this one deserves nothing less than 5 stars. Declan and Simon have weathered all the media blitz in the first book and come out wiser and steady. It was such a joy to watch their easy familiar banter and insider couple jokes. Throughout all the drama and complications, nothing ever came close to really threatening their relationship because they both knew what was really important, and that was each other. Heyward was a villain I just loved to hate, because his actions only just made Declan and Simon more united.

A story about love in all shapes and sizes, in friends and family, in trust and appreciation: I loved it from start to finish.