The Sorcerer's Betrayal - Tricia Owens Fantastic characters. Absolutely adore Hadrian! He had one heartbreaking and tortuous childhood that definitely left a twisted mark on him, but still he remained such an endearing character. He was like a poor kicked puppy.
He and Caled are sweet and hot together. Just forewarning, there is insta-love but it wasn't that irritating or a turn-off as I usually find insta-loves to be-and this most likely has to do with the fact that I actually started this series out of order so I've already seen enough to make their connection believable to me. I've been continuing the series on her website on my spare time and I have to say that each story arc just gets better and better. This first book is more focused on Hadrian and Caled meeting and the betrayal that sets the plot and tensions of the rest of the series. But world-building gets increasingly detailed and intriguing with each arc, so you just have to stick with it. Completely addicted to this series and definitely purchasing the rest!
And I must add, the cover is simply gorgeous! Definitely captures Hadrian in all his innocence and subtle darkness.

4 stars for this book, as I do have some issues with the pacing of the last half and I still don't entirely understand the reasons for Hadrian doing what he did (I felt like he could have tried to send a warning....something), but definitely 5 stars for the series as a whole because it's just so enjoyable and entertaining.