Collared - Kari Gregg I am soaring through Kari Gregg's books! This one is another favorite of mine! I love the way she writes, the interesting scenarios she concocts (though, yes, the worlds could use more detail) , and the vulnerability of her main characters.

I really hope there is a sequel to this! It feels like the story has just begun for these characters! There is so much potential to explore how these three will navigate their relationship together, I would love to see the tensions between Emmett and David play out as they learn how to share their boy/pet.

Keeping fingers crossed there will one day be a sequel to this, just as there was a long-awaited sequel for her other book, Spoils of War!

So far, I have throughly enjoyed each of Kari Gregg's books that I have been able to read, and eager to try more. :) Her writing just clicks for me.