See Right Through [Savannah] (Savannah, #1) - Sara Winters Possibly if I had read this in a different frame of mind, I would not have enjoyed it as I did. Devin was unabashedly a douchebag, that promiscuous and a**hole guy we've all come across at one point, but what saves him is that he readily acknowledges this. Some reviewers hated how he took Sam for granted for so long and was calling him too boring to be taken seriously as a love interest. He is not a likable guy at all, but I guess I was in the mood where it was refreshing to read about an MC that was more than a little imperfect like you and who you would want to give a good hard smack to if you knew in real life. I thought it was realistic to show his initial rejection of the idea of being with Sam and subsequent attempts to shut Sam's not so subtle flirtations down -it wouldn't make sense for a player like Devin to just suddenly start seeing Sam in a totally different light.

By the end of the book, and it's a short story, I do have trouble believing things will stay so hunky-dory for them- Devin is just not the type to change from lifelong playboy into someone ready to settle down for monogamy after the course of just three days. But the author succeeded in making me want to root for Devin and Sam together, if only because of the whole opposites attract thing, so it was a good read to pass the time, especially for the free price.