The Eternal Dungeon - Dusk Peterson This was a very intriguing premise-the idea of there once existing a different kind of prison where Seekers, a softer term for torturers, dedicate their lives to 'breaking' condemned murderers in an effort to help them find absolution. Reminds me of The Administration with the Investigators, except the Seekers genuinely care about 'saving' their prisoners and respect them.

The Head Seeker, Layle, was the most intriguing character, as he had voluntarily become a Seeker at a very young age and his talents and 'skills' are reknown among other Seekers. Despite this reputation, he seemed far gentler than you would expect a head torturer today. I expect his colder side and hints of a mysterious past will be explored in the rest of the series, which will be really interesting to see.

I'm apathetic toward the MC, not because he's unlikable, it was sad to see the truth behind his past and alleged crime, but I didn't get a feel for his character or personality so I found myself not really caring about his fate. Learning about the Seekers and Layle was more interesting to me.

I blame these issues on the writing, which is what brought this book down to 2.5 stars rounded to 3. This has a potential to be a really great, epic, and absorbing series, but I'm sorry to say the writing feels too amateurish and juvenile to give it justice. It was like reading a fanfiction; great idea, but the execution is a let down. :( I don't like being critical like this, but it's my honest opinion of why I chose to rate 3 stars despite the unique world-building. I'd like to continue the series but the issues with the quality of the writing leaves me hesitant to spend $9 on the next book, which I believe contains 4 novellas and shorts. I'll most likely continue this one day just because I want to see how Layle's character develops and the reasons behind his becoming a Seeker.
This first novel is a freebie, so there's no harm in trying it out.

Note: I was expecting there to be a lot of abuse or pain because this is about torturers, but surprisingly, the only instances of torture depicted are a few strokes of a whip, which the MC doesn't even feel pained by. There is no blood, torture, anything like that so for those who are squeamish, don't let the subject put you off. This series is more character-based.