The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks - Josh Lanyon Hmm, I liked this book well enough; it had an adorable couple, some mystery, and it was written by Josh Lanyon. This was one of his earliest works, his first stand-alone I believe, so I guess that's why it didn't measure up to his later novels-Fair Game, Come Unto the Yellow Sand, Dark Horse, Spain and Doyle mystery. I loved all of those books and the characters. So I felt slightly disappointed with this one because it just didn't feel as polished or developed.

The mystery started off intriguing, with a dead body in the bathtub that seemingly vanishes moments later, but the culprit was obvious from the start for me and the mystery ultimately lost its steam, ending with a cliched and rushed confrontation with the killer.
Josh Lanyon's books tend to have a mellow feel to them, meaning I don't feel the urge to stay up all night reading, but that's not any fault of the writing which is excellent. That said, this book was mellower than most, so I totally understand why some reviewers said they found it boring-not much excitement or suspense.

Also, the novel ended a little too open-ended for me in terms of how Perry and Nick will be able to work things out, seeing as Perry stated he was still moving into Nick's apartment and Nick wasn't planning on giving up the job. But then I suppose the only way for things to work out would be for Perry to move to California, and so for the sake of their HEA, that's what I imagined will happen eventually. ^-^

I still much preferred Josh Lanyon's later works, but this is still certainly above average writing, compared to many other m/m stories out there. If you're new to Josh Lanyon's works, I recommend starting his other books first, as previously listed. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4!
Maybe because I'm as much of a sucker for Bambi eyes as Nick is.