The Gladiator's Master - Fae Sutherland,  Marguerite Labbe This book had its share of flaws, but I still greatly enjoyed reading it. I felt as if it didn't live up to its potential-the beginning portion started off great, was well-written and the sexual tension between the gladiator and his master was palpable. However, the story dragged in the middle and then culminated in an extremely rushed, cheesy, and sappy finish. The story gradually lost some of its edge with the baby factor. It then became glaringly obvious the authors were women.
Despite all these flaws which admittedly would have turned me off in other books, I was so fascinated with the setting of this book in ancient Rome and the chemistry between the two MCs that I'm willing to give 4 stars just for pure enjoyment factor. However, other readers may not be so forgiving, so it really depends if you can handle overlooking a rather contrived and disappointing plot device in this book in favor of just enjoying the delicious heat and tension between a gladiator and his submissive master. I'm sad there aren't more m/m stories set in ancient Rome-I know only of two stories, this and Soveriegn's Master. If anyone knows of any other stories set in Rome that contain m/m romance, I would love it if you leave a comment! :)