After Ben - Con Riley I've delayed reading this ever since it came out because I'm not good with angsty, emotional stories-I always end up crying too much and scaring my family members.
Yes, I shed tears a few times during this book, during the flashbacks of Ben. But suprisingly, it wasn't as sad and angsty as I was worried it would be. Don't get me wrong, this story deals with loss and pain, so it's of course sad to see Theo struggling to remember his partner of 15 years was completely gone from his life. But this story had more of an overall feeling of hope and lightness rather than despair. It was adorable seeing the shy budding romance between the two young interns at Theo's work and his online interactions with Morgan was entertaining to read. Their chemistry is palpable even from just simple chat messages. The secondary characters Maggie and Peter were great to read about, from Maggie's teasing and caring manner to poor Peter's innate goodness and patience. I felt really bad for Peter, who was so sincere in his careful pursuit of Theo-I'm definitely anxious to read about him finding his own love.
I couldn't believe this was the author's debut book. It is incredibly well-written, leagues above most m/m novels out there. The slow progression of Theo's re-emergence into the world was heartbreakingly realistic. This is a story you should not be afraid or reluctant to read. It will definitely make you remember to slow down and appreciate what you have now, and if that turns out to be nothing, then hopefully this story will help give you a small shove so you won't be afraid anymore to reach out for help and love.