The Locker Room - Amy Lane I put off reading this book for a long long time because of all the warnings of angst, melodrama, and the cliff-hanger ending. However, I actually think the ending is close to perfect the way it is. :) Maybe it helped that I had mentally prepared myself for the open-ended ending, but I think I understand the point Amy Lane was trying to make by leaving things ambigous. Whether or not the phone call signalled the end of a career or not ultimately doesn't matter as long as Xander and Chris have their love for each other. No matter what happens, their relationship is strong enough to survive-if Xander keeps playing, Chris will continue to support him. If Xander stops playing, that's also fine because he has Chris and they can start a new life for themselves. So I had no issue with the book having ended the way it did, because the author had already succeeded in showing the depth and strength of the love between these two boys so I know they'll be alright together no matter what happens, basketball or no basketball.