Life After Joe - Harper Fox This was emotionally grueling, and I admit I teared up twice while reading about the depression and downward spiral Matthew goes through in the first half of the book, as depression is something I am very familiar with. I won't try to write an eloquent review here, because there are already several other reviews for this book that capture the essence of this book perfectly.
I appreciated the fact that we never really get a look into Aaron's head, to gain a better understanding of him underneath the enigmatic persona-it feels more realistic, as another reviewer mentioned, because we don't have the luxury of seeing other people's thoughts and feelings like we do in books.
I could feel the depth of pain and loss surrounding both men and the speedy progression of their relationship did not feel forced to me. For a relatively short story, this novella will stay with me for a long time, if only for the emotions these characters invoked in me.
My one major issue is the abrupt, cut-off ending, for which I take a star off for. After the emotional angst and heart-breaking revelations in the oil rig, I feel as if the author could've written at least a few more pages and given a more proper resolution or moments of happiness between the two, so we know for sure their love is strong enough to overcome the losses they have suffered and which still continue to haunt them.