Second Time Lucky - Ethan Day I love this book. I just recently discovered Ethan Day and am slowly making my way through all of his books. I found myself completely wrapped up in Owen and Luke and every nuance of their tentatively reformed relationship. I was so worried and rooting for them that I had to stop at around the 70% mark when a certain someone from Owen's past came up with a proposal, because I couldn't stand to see the heartbreak and angst I was sure to follow. Thankfully, things turned out in a different direction than I thought it would be. A story about one time lovers finding their way back to each other. This is not an angst filled story, where misunderstandings usually create unnecessary drama and painful separations before MCs are finally allowed to get together in the last few pages. There's enough light conflict between the MCs to make things interesting, but the overwhelming feeling throughout is the sense of deep connection between Owen and Luke. My only complaint, for which I take one star off for, is the rather abrupt ending. There's no cliffhanger or anything, but it just felt unfinished to me. I turned the page and was honestly suprised that was the end. I wish there could have been an epilogue; it just felt like a weird place to end and cut things short. I still love Piper's Point more, but this comes a close second, if it weren't for the ending.