Like Coffee and Doughnuts (Dino Martini Mysteries, #1) - Elle Parker What I especially love about Dino and Seth is that there is none of the usual long drawn out angst and unnecessary drama common in stories when best friends transition to lovers. It really makes a refreshing chance of pace. Not that I don't normally love some angst with my romance (Boyd and Sin, anyone?). But it was just nice to read about a couple who actually manages to get most things right, instead of being forced to undergo the usual series of misunderstandings and melodrama before finally getting together in the last few pages.
Sure, Dino has a brief freak-out about their age difference (It is only an 8 year age gap), but that is relatively minor and quickly resolved. You can really sense the easy familiarity and comfortable understanding between Dino and Seth in their interactions and dialogue, which accounts for their great friendship and translates into some rather sizzling sexual tension. This is a definite case of opposites attracting.
This is a nice little blend of romance mixed in with some light mystery and action. The whole mystery/crime side-plot isn't overwhelming or that drawn out, but still entertaining to read about in terms of providing Seth with more opportunities to show off his absolutely hilarious one-liners. His banter with Dino and his thug captives definitely made me erupt into laughter more times than I can count. Will follow the rest of this series.