Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan

This book kept me smiling, and that's something I can always use nowadays. The story, the writing, and the characters are sweet and airy. It dips into some deeper issues with Tony's family and Paul's friendship with Joni, but they don't overwhelm the story. These aren't the most developed characters, no, but they remain likeable, especially the narrator Paul. I was wrapped up with them in their little bubble of a town, this gay utopia of acceptance (where no one bats an eye at the head quarterback, a drag queen named Infinite Darlene) that yes, is not realistic, but does it really hurt to dream? It's a very idealistic picture of a future where I personally would love to live in one day. Or at least imagine it is not so incredibly far-fetched of a dream as it was 10 years ago when this first was published. I appreciated the author's words at the end of the book, especially: "Because, really, there's no reason this town can't exist. In fact, the people who live in this  town exist-millions of them. They just don't happen to all live in the same time."


A light, hopeful read, one I enjoyed from start to finish and left me walking on air. Something to save for when you don't mind a little less realism and a lot more sweet.