Signal to Noise - Talya Andor This was so good. It's sci-fi with a little horror. Well-paced, well-written, and action-packed. Suspense factor was cranked up deliciously high. The Armors scared me to death and my heart was racing for Bastien and Theo near the end. I absolutely loved their interactions-and previously I've been very disappointed by the two other twincest books I've tried. Then again, those were solely just written as meaningless sexual escapades, and this is definitely not . Their physical and mental connection was forged from desperation and only as the book progresses do you see the true depth of their bond. But the focus is on the plot. I definitely recommend this even if you're not normally a sci-fi fan because you'll still be getting a great, spine-tingling story (though I'm not sure I would classify this as "romance" as it is already an established relationship).

This is something that you can expect I will definitely enjoy re-reading a couple more times in the future. :)
I suppose this is futile to hope and it's not actually needed, but I would love some sort of continuation so we can see more of Bastien and Theo...

Edit: 4.5 stars rounded up because I've re-read this so many times :S