Chronic Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #2) - Passhenette1 Despite some serious issues I found in the plot (for instance, some SUPER illogical reasoning by the MC) , this was still addicting enough to read in one day. That's right, 40+ chapters in one day when I should've been studying for a calculus exam. Bad student.
The delightfully twisted and sadistic Quentin definitely stole the spotlight. However, I was suprised how much he took over the story-I sorely missed the interactions between Alain and Cobryn, particularly because they are my favorite pairing (yeah, yeah, I'm in the minority. I do love Ven though, as well as Cobryn and Con together.) So hopefully in the next installment we see more interactions and much needed restablished connections between Alain and all his brothers. I feel as if Alain still has making up to do for ditching everyone for Quentin.

It made no sense at all why Alain was so adamant about staying with Quentin. I was definitely growing irritated with him over his motivations.