Hunter of Demons - Jordan L. Hawk Even though this hints at menage, a very weird one at least, I want to read this!

This was fun!
I was going to give this 4 stars because I wanted this to be longer, but then screw it, that's a lame reason if that was the only big problem I had-I'm rating this one purely on enjoyment factor! x)

The menage hint from the blurb worried me, because I dislike reading about them, but don't even let that put you off. For now at least, the main romance is between Caleb and Starkwheather (plus the driving force of the story is the supernatural aspect, which is what I liked!) and the 'demon' Gray is just there in the background feeling whatever Caleb is feeling. I found Gray endearing in that one small scene anyways because he's so befuddled and overwhelmed by all these new, weird, pleasurable sensations.

The rest of the story is Caleb dealing with his possesion and finding the killer of Caleb's brother. Nothing too complicated, but it was a fun and quick read.

Can't wait for the sequel, and if you liked this, I would recommend reading Brown-Eyed Devil by Evan Gilbert.
Also, maybe He Speaks Dead by Adrienne Wilder.