Thick as Thieves - Tali Spencer From the moment I read the first few words of the blurb I was convinced this would be a fun romp and I wasn't disappointed! :D The short of it: After being magically driven into a life-long state of lust and fucking himself with a unicorn horn (yes, I just said that), the barbarian Vorgell is captured by the Baron's men and thrown into a jail cell where he meets Madd. Madd, a small and pretty witch who has been enslaved by the Baron and harbors a death-marked past, tricks Baron into a kiss in order to bite him and claim a few drops of his blood to escape. Since Vorgell now has magic within him from the er, afore mentioned incident involving a certain unicorn horn, Madd decides to use him as his own "battery" source as they both proceed to find a way to break the Baron's spell on Madd. Of course, they get entangled among other things along the way.

This was a hugely entertaining read for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the world-building and interested in learning about the witches, witchkin, and wizards. I also especially appreciated how Vorgell, for all his sheer barbarian size, was the one who loved to submit to Madd. It's always nice when an MM author doesn't stick to more stereotypical roles or pairings. I enjoyed Madd and Vorgell's interactions and how they both began to see beyond their first impressions. And OMG where can I find my own pet baby basilisk?! x) This was a light adventurous read that I enjoyed for a few hours and I'm definitely trying her other works. I'm also sensing a possibility of another sequel since there was one loose thread at the end *hint, hint* :) Rating this 4.5 on pure enjoyment~

*Copy won from my first ever win from a giveaway, yea*