Compulsion - Scarlet Blackwell Whoa.
Scarlet Blackwell never pulls any punches when it comes to her writing and stories, and this is no exception.
What do you get when a straight unabashed sex addict meets one pretty boy hustler?
Just a little scorching hot, dirty, kinky, sex.
Okay, maybe not so little, this is PWP,after all.
Yet there's an undeniable emotional connection between our two debauched MCs, though both are desperate to hide it beneath even more raunchy sex. I am definitely curious to see how this strange dynamic will play out in the aptly titled sequel Obsession now that it looks like Cole is just trading in one unhealthy addiction for another~

Warnings: brief m/m/f scene, but this didn't bother me as it usually would, perhaps because the focus is on Seymour