Light by Nathan Burgoine

Light - Nathan Burgoine
It's been a few days since I read this, but I still have fond feelings for it. And I still remember the characters. :) I agree with Heather, the cover gives such a wrong first impression of this book. This is actually a light, refreshing, and fun story. I immediately loved Kieran's voice, he makes my list for completely endearing narrators, after Vic and Adrien. The romance is a side-plot, but what I most adored about the book was Kieran and Sebastian together. They had some great chemistry, the twink and the bear, and I was happy to see and feel their connection. And I actually really liked that this wasn't too explicit, I don't feel like anything was missing. (Also maybe because I've been reading so much smutty fanfics lately that this was such a nice change lol). The main plot kept me entertained throughout, and Kieran had me smiling and chuckling, especially his constant distress over the public's new gay superhero names for him and his light powers,"Rainbow Man", "Disco". x) 

This was a nice, angst-free, and thoroughly entertaining read. My only gripe for why I don't want to rate this 5 stars is because the ending was just a little
 too unbeilevable (even for the whole psychic powers storyline), too fine and dandy, when I'm sure there would have been some real consequences instead of instant acceptance.

Also, the price. :( $9.99? It's a really good story, you guys, but I would recommend waiting for a discount.