Fun With Dick and Shane

Fun with Dick and Shane  - Gillibran Brown
4.75 rounded up~

This is a re-read and I enjoyed every second falling in love with Gilli and his voice all over again. I don't pretend to really understand the discipline lifestyle and relationship Gilli shares with his two Daddies Shane and Dick, but what's great is that you don't need to in order to see that somehow, it's right for them. This is definitely not an erotica book, just a recounting of episodes, some of momentous events, and more just accounts in the surprisingly mundane and ordinary lives of a trio who share a very, very unorthodox relationship. There is no real plot to this, just as there is no plot that maps out real life. Gilli's narrative voice is completely endearing, even at his most exasperating, brattiest times, and through some of his more reflective and insightful moments. I laughed aloud, cried only a little, and was quick to sympathize in his moments of anger and rebellion, all the while shaking my head at some of his plain silly (but still chuckle-inducing) antics. I never grew tired or annoyed by him and just happily immersed myself in this book the entirety of this day. 

I do choose to wishfully think there is a real Gilli out there. Of course, I also believe that some instances have most probably been embellished upon. His form of epilepsy also further leads me to believe that the author knows what it's like to live with this. Regardless, nothing will change the fact that I have all the incentive to fall in love with this little houseboy, fictional or not he may be, and all the motivation to continue on laughing along with him in the rest of this series.