Memoirs of a Houseboy #4: Gilliflowers

Gilliflowers - Gillibran Brown
From the previous book, I didn't think Shane and Dick could be redeemed, and I even questioned their relationship. Luckily, I was being too pessimistic. Of course, Shane still had -plenty- of his insensitive moments, but that's just the kind of person he is. This chronicled a very difficult and changing year for Gilli, still having to deal with his mother's cancer and more scarily, his increasingly aggressive 'episodes' (as he likes to call it) from his epilepsy. Even though Gilli refused to see it, and boy was it a long and stubborn battle, Shane and Dick did show how deeply they cared and worried and held his best interests at heart. And I loved the Christmas present to Shane, so sweet. This installment was still filled with the humorous and exasperating antics of Gilli that first won my adoration for him, but there were also more heavy and trying moments this year for Gilli that tugged at my heart. 

In the end, I finished this feeling deeply fond and satisfied. I will never, ever get tired of reading about Gilli and I'm sad we'll have to wait awhile for the next book.