The Merro Tree

The Merro Tree - Katie Waitman
This book was something wonderful to experience. It was so incredibly unique. And thought-provoking, as it dealt with censorship. You don't need to like sci-fi in order to get completely immersed and lost in this. I loved how the book was structured between Mikk's present day trial and his childhood upbringing. His training to become one of the greatest performance masters thoroughout the universe, and his sweet romance with Thissiz especially. His romance with Thissiz (literally a giant snake) was one of the most interesting interspecies relationships I've read about, that's for sure. I was never bored for one second. 

I did feel just a little disappointed with how things were resolved in the end (it was a little too easy), which is why it didn't quite reach 5 stars for me. But this goes down as one of my most memorable (if not THE most) and favorite books of this year.