Bodies in Space by Shukyou

I just needed this reminder that online fiction will always be my haven. 

So this has been going around like crazy on Goodreads, and for once, the hype is worth it. Maybe I didn't love this as much as my fave online short, Words and Their Digestion, but it came close. It brought a genuine smile on my face during a tough week. It has one of the most thoughtful and honest portrayal of an autistic teen. If you're bored, go try this. It's free, and it's worth your time. The writing is stunning. I think it's better than the published MM books I've been reading and been utterly unmoved by (but to be fair, it's not been just MM. I've just been in a funk). But anyways, you can stop listening to me ramble and just go try this yourself. :)(less)
You can just google the title yourself, but I will try to link it: