Haffling [Library Edition] - Caleb James

This was very, very unique and creepy. Who knew fairies could be creepy? The cover makes it look like a straight-up children's book but this book will really be enjoyable for older because it's a little twisted and bizarre. In fact, the ending, while good, was a little too bizarre and out there for me. I would rate the first half 5 stars and the second half 3. This kind of reminded me of Angelfall, which also had an original, creepy twist on a popular supernatual species (angels) and an MC with a mentally ill mother and a little sister. I think this book did do a whole lot better on the characterizations and romance aspects and I don't see why this is not as popular. Even if this genre is something you're normally bored with, definitely try this because it's way more fun and weird than the average typical YA.