Vivaldi in the Dark

Vivaldi in the Dark - Matthew J. Metzger
Why I read YA. 
I've been avoiding writing a review for this, because sometimes I just have a hard time finding the right words to express my thoughts. And also because Kaje Harper's review already pretty much already expresses everything I felt perfectly. So check hers out (if it's not on here, on GR). 

For now, I'll just say that I agree with her that this book has one of the most realistic depiction of depression, particularly among teens, that I've come across. Unlike what a lot of books that I've read which deal with characters and depression show, depression doesn't always have to stem from some sort of horribly traumatic past or event. That doesn't make it any less....real. Affecting.
I don't want to give the impression that this is an angsty or maudlin book because it has a depiction of teen depression. It's not, and should not put you off. The book is sweet, awkwardly sweet, with likeable and endearing MCs and side characters. It deals with first love, and all the vulnerability that goes with it. It does delve into harder issues, yes, with family and depression, but it handles with care and grace, so it never dips into melodrama territory as some YA books do. My only issue was that the ending was just somewhat rushed, and there was some unresolved conflict with Darren's family.
However, I loved the writing, and I've become a huge fan of this author. This goes in my top 5 YA faves. Recommended for any readers of YA.