The Dangerous Seduction

The Dangerous Seduction - A.N. Bond
*Excuse the language, I was moody when I wrote this. And I had a headache while reading this, but still persevered because I wanted to see what happened*

Wow, I really liked this. How can I hate both MCs but still find the story enjoyable? Ryan was was one of the most unlikeable MCs, there is no excusing his absolutely shitty behavior towards his fiance. Least he did suffer a bit and knew what an absolutely shithead he was. But gosh, I can't deny that he and Joseph were hot together. I hated him for what he was doing, but at the same time I was impatiently waiting for him to just give in to the undeniable chemistry with his boss. Maybe a part of me was finally rebelling from all the goody YA I was reading, I don't know. 

Joseph was manipulative and enigmatic all the way. Unapologetic about the way he casually uses people for his own agenda. I still found his character seductive and intriguing. I kept waiting for things to implode because he and Ryan clearly seemed like such a hot (but attractive) mess together. I agree that I would not call this your typical MM romance. Which is good because that's been boring me. Besides the relationship, the lawsuit plot was also very interesting and kept my attention. I should warn that the ending ended on an open note, where there could be a sequel to thoroughly wrap things up, but at the same time, I thought the loose ending fit and I don't really want to see everything nice and tidy. 

In the end, it was a fast-paced story that I was really entertained by. So, 4 stars, sorry this "review" was rambly and made little sense, but I feel nauseous and all I care about is getting back to sleep right now. Maybe I'll rewrite it later. Really super excited to find this new author and I would recommend trying this if you are also itching to find something a little fresh and different from the usual. Kay.