1/27: An ICoS Anthology-not a review, but a babbling mess

Oh my godddd!!! >___< Mindblown. I thought this would be like an extended epilogue to my favorite series ever, In the Company of Shadows (which is free online!). A reassuring glimpse into what exactly happened to my favorite characters in the aftermath of the end of the series and that foreboding epilogue. I got all that and sooo....much....more. So many new questions, possibilities, and can I just say I feel smug/relieved that my predictions about what path they would take after Fade were justified?! I remember there was a poll and it seemed a lot of people held a more cynical view,

believed Boyd and Hsin would accept the deal and join up with the Agency again. And I was, NO WAY!!! They're smarter than that. I thought it was more likely they would eventually round up everyone again and make trouble for the new and improved Agency.....And now look!! :D

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Thank you Sonny and Ais for releasing this, but I can't help but feel so selfish because I still wish for MORE! Of Hsin and Boyd, Ryan and Kassian (weren't there plans of a spin-off with them?), Emilio and Carhart, JEFFREY, Owen, Doug, maybe not Vivienne, but even scary Bex (that ending filled me with so much trepidation...

not outright fear, because I have confidence in Kassian...but still!!) 

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No other series has me so invested in practically every one of the characters. I spin my own stories about them in my head. x)


And it's looking like that wish might not be so far-off.....?? Which just makes me so happy and excited all over again for this series =D Just have to find my patience (argh)