My reading list for the next 1-2 months

We Won't Feel a Thing - J.C. Lillis The Yearning - A.J.  Rose My One and Only - Kristan Higgins Truly  - Ruthie Knox Her Best Laid Plans - Cara McKenna Bloodline - Barbara Elsborg Arrival (Hybrids) - Chris O'Guinn Haunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited Courtship - Karalynne Mackrory Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Vivaldi in the Dark - Matthew J. Metzger

Decided to post this sort of checklist for my own use and to hold myself accountable. I'm saving my usual monthly book budgets for other expenses, so I won't be buying any new ones for awhile after my last gift card runs out. Nor have I been reading as much lately anyways. 


Some of these I've already pre-ordered, bought but never read, or will be kindly loaned to me. I tried to mix MF and MM because I've been trying to get back into MF. :) 


1) We Won't Feel a Thing - J.C. Lillis  ~YA (author of the much-loved How To Repair A Mechanical Heart) 


2) Spirit by John Inman ~ M/M paranormal (Hate that the cover is not showing up)


3) Truly (The New York Series): A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Ruthie Knox ~M/F contemporary 


4) Her Best Laid Plans - Cara McKenna  ~M/F contemporary (Hopeful about this bc her book Backwoods, which featured a MM couple but did have some MFM scenes, was really steamy) 


5) The Yearning - AJ Rose ~M/M paranormal short 


6) Arrival (Hybrids) - Chris O'Guinn ~lgbt sc-fi (I really like his YA books) or the sequel to Vivaldi in the Dark - Matthew J. Metzger (The first book was at once one of the most sweetest and honest YA stories for me, with a realistic depiction of teenage depression, but the sequel, which the blurb states deals with suicide attempt, might be too triggery for me) 


7) My One and Only (Hqn) - Kristan Higgins ~M/F contemporary 


8) Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta or Non-Stop Till Tokyo by K.J. Charles


9) Bloodline - Barbara Elsborg ~M/M paranormal


10) Possible Josh Lanyon release or sequel to Don't... by Jack L. Pyke


11) Haunting Mr. Darcy - A Spirited Courtship - Karalynne Mackrory ~BR with Steelwhisper sometime in May 


And that's it. I still wish I could have found a fantasy M/F, but I don't want to have to buy a whole series, looking for a stand-alone-any suggestions will be much appreciated :) Any kind of YA recs also welcome.