Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter - Heidi Belleau
There was just too much endless introspection from Austin for a good portion of the book. I would have preferred that time to be spent on the relationship, which was summarily skimmed after the first meeting. However, it was indeed hot, except for that thing with the sushi scene which I just personally found too strange. And I liked Austin, even though I have an aversion to jocks. The last minute big misunderstanding brought Liam down a lot of notches in my eyes because I hate that kind of plot device, but I still liked and rooted for both of them together. My attention did drift off for the end, but I did come back to finish. OK read that I wished I liked a little more because I'm a fan of her writings. Still recommended if you're looking for a read that deals with kinks. 
1st half, 3.8 stars, 2nd half, 2 stars.