Holy crap, this book, guys.

The Emperor's New Clothes - Aldous Mercer

I'm sitting here still feeling absolutely stunned from what happened, so this will be short and simple and incoherent. I'll probably rewrite everything when I'm more awake. I can't even discuss anything because trust me, you do not want to be spoilered for this book. It's almost 5am now, that's how late I stayed up to read this. Seriously, it is unreal and just thank gosh I have no class tomorrow....well, today now. Clever, humorous, brilliantly thought out. Like another reviewer said, think James Bond in space. Twists that left me fooled and with an urge to go back and look at everything with fresh eyes now. The only niggle I had was the small editing errors, but the story was just too good to let those really detract from it. I would recommend this to anyone in search of an absorbing and thrilling book, whether you like sci-fi or not, whether you read lgbt or not. I'm boggled that this author escaped my attention for so long. 


There just better be more Royce Ree to come.




Note: Get the omnibus edition, which has all five installments in one volume.