The White Road

The White Road - Lynn Flewelling

Started this immediately after book 4, and will likely barge on ahead to book 6 after I finish typing. I think I'm just going to from now on ignore the lackluster reviews from old disappointed fans of the Nightrunners series. I just don't feel the same way. Yes, these new books have a different feel from the first three, with a lot more emphasis on the magic. However, I found it all really fascinating, this new change in their adventuring, and couldn't stop reading. We finally find out about the self-exile of Alec's clan and their closely guarded secret. The whole idea of the tayan'gil, or the white child, was really interesting and Sebrahn just became an even more creepy and adorable character. I became really fond of the little guy and 

really wanted them to keep him...It was really heartbreaking to see him just leave Alec without a backwards glance.

(show spoiler)

 The writing is definitely a lot stronger than in book 4 and so it feels like the writer's finally getting her groove back after that long hiatus. I agree with Ayanna-some reviewers are relieved that Alec and Seregril seem to be heading back to their roots and nightrunning antics at the end of this book, but I really enjoyed this whole magic-centered arc. But I'm also curious to see what new twists and ideas are next and to see what will happen when they return to the web of distrust and suspicion at court.(